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Christian's and Scott's Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Major in Philosophy

(submitted by Steve Weiss)

10. All the other famous philosophers have their own statues (Ball Boy)

9. Something to fall back on if your singing career doesn't work out (Carla Thomas McClure)

8. You are unsure that you exist (matt smith)

7. the underwater basket weaving program was full. (Addison Clark)

6. You can put alcohol down as a "tool of the trade" for tax deductions! (Jeremy)

5. Mistakingly thought that you got to play with Play-Dough (Dan Delisle, blue beat stomper)

4. You just may find out if that tree in the woods makes a sound (Macy's Mom)

3. You can make new friends in a cafe, even though you can't afford coffee. (Steve Weiss)

2. So you can hang your diploma next to your cash register at 7-11. (Doreen)

1. If you graduate, you'll never have to go to work. (norma, Dan Delisle)

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