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Christian's and Scott's Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out

(submitted by Matthew Smith)

10. Butros Butros Resume (Albert Skapone, Steve "The Breeze" Brisee, Amy Pro II)

9. Put Pop-Up action picture of yourself on it. (Dan Linder (, (Sea Warrior))

8. Begin with, "This resume will self-destruct in ten seconds..." (Dan Delisle)

7. Fail out of Harvard, create multi-billion dollar company. (Bill Gates)

6. Trim it with Christmas tree lights (Ladybug)

5. Sky-write it. (Steve Weiss)

4. Type it up on the pink slip from your last job. (Addison Clark)

3. Replace verbs like "used", "tried", and "heard of" with "created." (Steve Weiss)

2. Send it in a manila envelope with the words "You may have already hired!" on it. (Nocturne, Alex Brown)

1. Make it "scratch 'n' sniffable"! (Arnshea, Hayduke)

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