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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Songs Heard at a Mathematics Convention

(submitted by Joanne Carmichael)

10. I'm dreaming of a Euclidian Christmas. (Doreen)

9. The Ants go marching one by one (D. Topten)

8. Heard it through the cosine (ts)

7. "Closer to Pi" by Nine Inch Numbers (Beatnik)

6. Baby don't forget Fermat's number... (Jeremy)

5. Sum one's Dividing our Love, by Squire Root and the Cosines (Robert A. Clemmons)

4. The Electric Slide-Rule (Dan Delisle)

3. Hotel Calculus by The Angles (Dezi Mull)

2. American Pi (R. Hero, Steve Weiss, MikeK, Michael Spivak, Sarah Ross)

1. The Sign [by Base of Eight] (Sea Warrior, Scott Chupack, Hawk, Jon Bradley)

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