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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst Places to Take Your Date

(submitted by v. sipe)

10. Stalking Your Ex (Northern Pride)

9. Crazy Al's Rubber Chicken Emporium (Ladybug)

8. Senator Kennedy's Beach House (CHRIS)

7. McDonald's "Happy Hour"! (Prospero, Victoria Moore)

6. The Museum of Lard

5. Support Group for Smelly People (Steve Weiss)

4. To Visit Your Mother-in-law. (Spivey, jkinney, bill wigley)

3. A Moonlit Walk by the Labraya Tar Pits. (vannoying)

2. Any Brad Pitt Movie (Dave Spicer)

1. Crazy Muhammad's Romantic Camel Buffet (Greg Adkins)

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