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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Date Could Be Going Better

10. You leave to go to the bathroom and you find your date talking to the food (The Bridgekeeper in "The Holy Grail")

9. Your date runs into old friends and introduces you as a sibling (Abe Lincoln)

8. You find singing into your Pocahonta's cup more fascinating than your date (D.U.H.)

7. Your date says: "When are we going to start dating?" (Weasel)

6. Your date says "It's getting late." and the sun's still out (The Jester)

5. Your date sits down at the table, breathes on the plastic flowers, and they wilt (Meredith and Craig)

4. Your date asks to borrow your pen to get the waitron's phone number. (ana3)

3. Your date keeps calling you Geekoid, and that's not your name (msmith)

2. "Why is it taking so long in the bathroom?" (justaprettyface)

1. Two words: Pepper Spray (Robert M. Lee)

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