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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Rejected Names for the Batmobile

(submitted by Poly)

10. Der Fledermauswagen (jwb)

9. The Insurance Risk (Dan Delisle)

8. The Wayne Wagon (Stacey Milne)

7. Nocturnal Mammal Vehicular Device (Rock-Doc & Nathebug)

6. Holy piece of metal on wheels (The Grimace)

5. The Belfry (srp)

4. Batman's shaggin' wagon. (k.b.)

3. The Robbinmobile (crazy)

2. Nifty Keeno Black Macheeno (Kuul Duud)

1. Flying-rat-mobile (Aaron Voisine, trex, Toto, jenn, BW)

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