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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Chose the Wrong Major in College

(submitted by SBY2)

10. You are not totally convinced that your classes are being taught in English. (Crimebria, Crystal & Chris)

9. Your diploma reads "Not Valid in the States of California, Alabama, and Hawaii." (Inspector Gadget)

8. None of the other Sanitation Engineers you work with have degrees (Matt Morrisson, Aaron Voisine, Kzin)

7. Diploma comes with cardboard sign: "Will work for food" (Billybob)

6. The sign above your advisor's door reads "Abandon Hope Ye Who Enter Herein" (Sarah Ross)

5. Your degree says "Bachelor of Origami" (L. Mydlarski)

4. Course Requirement 5301 - "Ignoring Pain" (TheDugman)

3. Complementary food stamps awarded with degree (trex)

2. There are more people majoring in Sandskrit. (Chris Henderson)

1. Your school loans exceed the national debt. (klules)

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