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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Excuses for The Unavailability of This Site Last Week

10. Scott dropped the punch card deck on the floor (Ken Huffman)

9. Last week was Dan Quayle's turn to run the server (, Cheli)

8. Someone listed this as an FTP site in (srp)

7. Christian and Scott were too busy writing their Nobel Prize acceptance speeches to care (Steve Weiss)

6. Webmaster joined a game of Naked Twister and couldn't reach the server over on that darned red dot (Robin Ritchie)

5. Wow! This 'rm' command is sure taking a long time... (Kim Voynar, Aaron Voisine)

4. Senator Exon found that if you remove the letters T, O and L from "Top Ten List" you get "Penis" (Flapjack)

3. Christian and Scott were guests on Sally Jessy's show on "Computer Geeks and The Women That Love Them" (Stacey Milne)

2. Blame it on Windows'95 (thErapy, Doreen,, kissel)

1. Temporary injunction granted to NBC in ongoing Copyright Violation lawsuit over use of phrase "Top Ten List" (Matt, BW, Yorgo, Gregory A. Adkins)

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