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Christian's and Scott's Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Tell if Al Gore is an Alien

10. Are those ears or antennae? (Tom Wood <>)

9. See if he spells potato with an 'e' (Steve Steinlicht & Solinari)

8. He says that Bill is the best president in the Universe (Lynn Brown)

7. He holds secret conferences with Ronald Reagan (Gosh Castleberry)

6. Demands embassy for Devilbunny Delegation (Damen Peterson)

5. Growing interest in Martian ecology (Steven Cox)

4. Starting trying to save plants that aren't common to Earth (Je77 <>)

3. Keeps bugging AT&T about calls to Mars (Marc Larson)

2. See if he answers to Algor (Barry)

1. Two Words: Goretex Underpants (Robert Clemmons <>)

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