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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Computer Joke Punch Lines

10. And so the midwesterner says, it's not a soda machine, it's a POPSERVER!! (SBY2)
9. What are you crazy? Of course this is a mouse in my ear! (Bergie)
8. Boy was my modem sore! (Trece Timm)
7. if by LAN, two if by C (Yorgo Synadinos, Ramoth)
6. Slash, slash slash, Backslash, escape! (Robert A Clemmons )
5. So then the guy says "No! I said fm, not rm!" (BW)
4. Boot-Dos Boot-Dos Ghali (TheDugMan)
3. Oh, you meant my OTHER pocket protector (Steve Weiss)
2. Yeah but after he had erected all that code, he just couldn't maintain it (MaD)
1. Now that's what I call "double-clicking" the mouse (nam)

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