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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons C&S ITTL is Better Than That 'Dave' Guy's

(submitted by TheDugMan)

10. That 'Dave' guy is a rich and funny geek, C&S are just geeks (Scott McPherson (AKA-Toucan Sam), Katherine)
9. No monologue (YASEIV, Dan Delisle)
8. C&S have better hair and teeth! (Bob Clemmons, Rivard, Doreen, Weasel, BW, Mike O'Leary, SBY2, Duke,, The next "Friends" star-- Bree)
7. C&S ITTL is there when you want it. (Phil Inblank, Melanie R. Hopkins)
6. 'Dave' pays his writers over $100,000/year -- We do it for the love of the Top Ten List (L. Mydlarski)
5. No commercials (Rivard)
4. Lists about college and computers are funnier than lists about why Colin Powell wears boxers (Steve Weiss)
3. Don't have to sit through a boring show (Eternal War)
2. None of those embarassing "clebrity walk-ons" (Bob Clemmons, Melanie R. Hopkins)
1. More people see this page than watch CBS (DavidM)

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