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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Rejected Barbie Doll Themes

(submitted by "The Main Rod Himself")

10. Ninja Golf Barbie (It's me)
9. Barbie and Butthead (Gregory Adkins)
8. Shop Teacher Barbie (Seg)
7. Big & Tall Barbie (
6. The Divorced Barbie - Comes with all of Ken's things (Jeff Greenberg)
5. NYC "Mugger" Barbie (Breezy C)
4. Medical School Cadaver Barbie: With Real Lifelike Smell! (Sameer Bakhda)
3. Puberty Barbie, with pimple cream and tampons. (BomBur, doris)
2. Barbie goes to school (Didi)
1. Webmaster Barbie (Steve Weiss,, nat thebug)

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