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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Your Airline Flight Was Late

(submitted by Roland Giersig)

10. The airplane was making a funny noise so the pilot had to go back home to get his earmuffs. (KarateKid)
9. The DMV merged with the airline. (Steve Weiss)
8. "Flight 102, this is Tower; we're not letting you land until you appologize for that last remark." (
7. Needed repairs were halted due to duct tape shortage. (kyl, Trece Timm)
6. The airline food couldn't make it through the metal detector (Son of Spam)
5. "This is your pilot - Would whoever opened their window please come to the front of the plane?" (
4. The pilot found he could get on the navigational computer. (Aaron Voisine)
3. The pilot was trying to log frequent flyer miles. (W. Charles Daniels)
2. Couldn't get rid of annoying "squeegy" guy. (, Krash)
1. Crossing the equator triggered a sign bug in the board computer so we had to fly the rest of the way upside-down. (Sir Roland)

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