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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Despised Thanksgiving Dishes

(submitted by Robert Clemmons)

10. Moldy jello... or is that a jello mold? (Greg Adkins, Nat thebug)
9. Pepto Bismol Pie (Son of Spam)
8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turkey (
7. Spam fondue (Flapjack)
6. Turkey Ice-cream (Lionhearted, Melanie R. Hopkins, jacie h, Langford, spalding grizwald)
5. Vegitarian Turkey with Soy bean Stuffing (Coolguy RM)
4. The pumpkin pie filled with poor old Jack O'Lantern's innards. (Ben Holmes)
3. Chitterlings and stuffed pigs feet...and collard greens in Hollandaise sauce (Tool)
2. McTurkey value meal. (Coolguy RM, NAW!,, DavidM, Krash)
1. Yam Stickers (Andy S.)

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