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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Chelsea Clinton's Top Ten White House Complaints

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10. Mom and Dad won't allow slumber party in the Oval Office (Lionhearted)
9. Those secret service guys don't know a thing about Calculus (Aaron Voisine)
8. Childproof locks still on some doors from Dan Quayle's days. (Jenny Sproul)
7. Even Socks gets more media attention. (rebel, M&R, hummer)
6. The other kid's houses don't get shot at. (SC)
5. It's a $300,000 toilet seat and it still is never down. (ROD)
4. George Stephanopolis constantly hogging Nintendo. (Flapjack)
3. Her dad never lets her drive the limosine. (DavidM)
2. Phone calls to boyfriend taped by FBI (Kzin)
1. No one believes her when she orders a pizza. (Jester)

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