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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Christmas Presents You Wished You Hadn't Received

(submitted by jb freese)

10. Them cheap ham, cheese, mustard, and crackers combos. (Akira "KIDA" S.)
9. A beta video tape player (Aaron Voisine)
8. Easter Eggs (Teri Stinson)
7. Slim-fast, Sure deodorant, and Stridex (Yorgo)
6. Those 10 drummers drumming... who can sleep? (Cap Collectors)
5. Last semester's grades. (John Funk)
4. Day-Glow pink fish earrings. (Now I've gotta wear them in front of Aunt Selma.) (Sarah Peters)
3. Wool underwear from "The Gop" [Discount "Gap" knock-off store] (Steimey)
2. Do it yourself bee-keeping kit (Paul Edinger)
1. A CD of Frank Sinatra doing Rap (Lump)

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