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Christian's and Scott's Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Wear Blue

10. To match the frost bite on your fingers and toes (Frosty the Snowgoon)

9. You can do ad campaigns for 2000 flushes (Senor Alvaro)

8. When you spill clorox on your clothes, no one will notice (Ben Van Heuvelen)

7. You're sky-diving and you want to be camoflauged (Rob Alford and The Hustler)

6. Camoflage for thieves of Wonder Woman's invisible jet (John Christians)

5. So everyone thinks you are Mighty Morphine Power Blue Ranger (Itso Kanitso)

4. All chartreuse clothing at the cleaners (Nick Dupp)

3. It matches the hair color of your prom date (

2. Peer pressure from Smurf pals (Glen Arnold)

1. Get mistaken for a cop - FREE DONUTS! (Hilari)

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