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Christian's and Scott's Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Watch Saturday Morning Cartoons

10. The only good role models left (Heather A.)

9. Only educational thing on TV (Leslie and Cyndy)

8. Take notes on how to inflict pain (Nicholas Veldhouse)

7. Butros Butros Mouse (Abhijeet)

6. They're showing Leave it to Beaver reruns on every other channel (Ochinang)

5. It's America's new past time (Elizabeth)

4. Cartoon versions of American foreign policy is a side-splitter (Bill)

3. Can keep up with Dan Quayle (Adam Hart)

2. Learn to meet hot women with Pepe LePew's amorous ramblings (Roger the Magnificent)

1. Use that Nintendo gun and shoot all those fuzzy critters (Polarbee of the Far North)

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