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Christian's and Scott's Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Spring Break Lasted Too Long

10. Having to hire a bulldozer to clear out the beer bottles (Brian Cole, Humbolt State Univ.)

9. You're not just burnt to a crisp, but ashes actually fall off you as you walk ('Rock-Doc')

8. You show up to calculus class in a swimsuit (Siglo the Conquerer)

7. The average skin color of caucasian females on campus is now orange (Danica)

6. You have to pry your pajamas off with paint remover and a chisel (PONDO)

5. The O.J. Simpson trial has ended (Gary Bettencourt)

4. two words: snow plows (honey bunny)

3. Too many students returning to class wearing grass skirts (Matt Stanyard)

2. The school chorus resembles the California Raisins (Quantum Don Fitzroy)

1. Armpit hair bleached blonde from the sun (Barry Johnson)

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