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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Be a Vegetarian

(submitted by Mr. Bubble)

10. One pound of steak costs seven bucks and one pound of carrots costs seventy cents. Do the math. (RiverCityKid, JLM2FoodGroups)
9. If it got you out of my Auntie May's pot roast, you'd be a vegetarian too. (Talking Head)
8. It seemed the next best thing after flunking out of vetrinary school. (Michelle Wants Dan)
7. There's nothing more macho than coming home with a big ole' head of cabbage strapped to the hood of your truck during huntin'season. (Maxdog)
6. One more way to piss off Texans (junkshop coyote)
5. You believe in reincarnation, and your last name is Hefer. (alpha12)
4. BBQ invite from Jeffrey Dahmer (GREGFROMLA)
3. To whipe that snide look off the snow pea's pod (DA maNA)
2. A way to get a distinctive status without changing your sexual orientation (Katz)
1. Plants dont run when you hunt them. (vandy, Naska the Zoki-Howler, xported (nuts and berries, anyone?))

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