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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Weren't Cut Out To Be a Rock Star

(submitted by Father Time)

10. You consider a wild night jamming on your accordian after a rousing night out on the town at the local ping pong club. (NuT wItH a GuN)
9. Your most outrageous dressing room demand is for Gummy Bears. (Bada Bing Crosby)
8. You play the oboe. (Potatohead)
7. One can of Bud Lite and you're out for the night. (Maniac Bob)
6. You get motion sickness from watching lap dances. (Bada Bing Crosby)
5. You won't get high because of your vertigo. (Bada Bing Crosby)
4. Your amplifier only goes up to 9. (Iron Chef Klingon)
3. You think a threesome is a physics study group. (Bada Bing Crosby)
2. You once got your ass kicked by Barry Manilow during a backstage scuffle. (Fluff)
1. At a concert when the lead singer asks "ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?", you're never quite sure. (DA maNA)

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