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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Uncle Sam's Top Ten Pet Peeves

(submitted by The Kitten Duchess)

10. He hates fingers pointed at him. (meh)
9. He's tired of hearing Walmart complaints from people who mistake him for Sam Walton. (Bentley Bones)
8. The Canadian Mountie in the next cubicle only wants to talk about ice hockey. (Bentley Bones)
7. "Hey Vladimir Putin! Put on a shirt for crying out loud!" (Bentley Bones)
6. He's tired of being portrayed in the company of an elephant or a donkey when exposure to either animal actually makes him sick to his stomach. (MLehde)
5. He is just a figurehead. All he can really do is "Want You." (which is kind of creepy) (RAM)
4. He actually hates marching band music! He's more of a soft jazz, bossa nova type of guy! (Squeezette)
3. He keeps getting Toucan Sam's junkmail. (Major Tom)
2. Brittania keeps calling him Samantha! (Strat)
1. He's afraid that people might find out that he sometimes likes to ditch the red white and blue threads and lounge around in a leopard spot snuggie. (MLehde)

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