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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the End of Summer

(submitted by dingaling)

10. No one makes fun of my hairy back when its under a sweater. (JrsyRose)
9. I can quit bitching about the heat, and start bitching about the cold! (Archaeopteryx)
8. Can finally stop watching crappy summer action movies and start on crappy Christmas comedies. (JrsyRose)
7. No more mosquito bites on top of my sunburns. (Nova)
6. You did everything on the previous top ten list, and are now just worn out. (ardnax)
5. Clothing with more coverage, hiding millions of corpulent arms, thighs, and midriffs. (Porko Pig)
4. No more "Top Ten.....Summer" entries in the Top Ten List. (Juggernaut)
3. Our new 67 year old neighbors who insist on wearing swimsuits in the front yard. (JDAii)
2. I look SO good in this parka, and pretty soon I'll be able to wear it without passing out! (Q)
1. TV weathermen in short shorts replaced by TV weathermen being blown away during hurricanes. (ardnax)

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