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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst Superhero Pickup Lines

(submitted by Athene)

10. I put the "X" in X-Men. (bluebottle66)
9. Wanna find out why they call me "Wonder" Woman? (Wonder Woman)
8. You might as well take it off because I can see right through it. (jonestown punch-drinker)
7. So, did you ever wonder why they call me the "Man of Steel"? (Super notMe, thegreatmoleman2.0, radman3636, Jabba the Fatt)
6. Do you know I have Sex-Ray Vision? (Nasty Rash)
5. Is your father an astronaut? Cuz I think I remember seeing him when I flew all those warheads out into space. (KirstenB)
4. Think the utility belt's cool? Wait 'til you see the bat-vibrator. (bluebottle66)
3. I'm the only survivor of my planet's destruction.. want to save my race? (JrsyRose)
2. The Flash: "Can you spare a second?" (Sniffalottastuff)
1. Hulk not kidding. It so big, it rip clothes off. (TRM)

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