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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Spend Too Much Time Online

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. People have had to come in and tell you that your house is on fire. (The Frunkus Kid)
9. You recognize your plumber's grandmother from her facebook pics. (pauljfeld)
8. You subconciously arranged your Farmville crops to spell out GET A LIFE. (lefty)
7. When a friend tells you a funny joke you don't respond by laughing. You respond by saying AHR-OH-TEE-EF-EL! (quistis218)
6. Your wife has to IM you to come to the dinner table. (vipercat)
5. You own a $5000.00 computer system and a $500.00 car. (vipercat)
4. Your second life is more exciting than your first (El Barton)
3. Your family had to hold an intervention for you... in World of Warcraft. (Mute)
2. Error message reads "Internet Explorer has crashed because it's tired". (Norm Shelton)
1. Your mom's handle is MomOfThree, but you can neither remember her real name nor who the other two are. (Pertinax)

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