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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Pass the Time During the Hurricane

(submitted by JEB)

10. Get out your largest umbrella and play Mary Poppins. (Yuck Van Duck, DA maNA)
9. Stand outside to get rid of that nasty "hat hair" (Smilee)
8. Have a contest with your friends to see how far inland you can get on your surfboards. (TBeeber)
7. Plan where to build your next trailer home. (El Barton)
6. Tie yourself to an aerial antenna and play "weathervane." (The Griffon Master)
5. The Emergency Broadcast System surprisingly features higher quality programs than the WB Network. (macguyzz)
4. See if your windproof lighter really is. (is it hot in here or is it just me)
3. Count how many stupid newscasters you can find who stand in the middle of it and tell everyone else to stay inside or leave the area. (DumDum, El Barton)
2. Trash your neighbor's house; blame it on "storm damage." (NDB)
1. Plug in your oscillating fan to enhance the effect. (nicker)

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