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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Your Pets Do When You're Not Home

(submitted by Skanky: The Love Beast)

10. Switch our ground beef with the dog food. (DA maNA)
9. Use your credit card to order catnip and porn online. (Jen)
8. Invite neighborhood strays in for a RAVE party. (Wayne Q)
7. Get on the web - watch kitty porn. (Alfredo Garcia)
6. Compose symphonic their MINDS. (Buttsey57)
5. Spend three hours squeezing into that near-inaccessible spot behind the dresser, just so they can vomit copiously. (beetlebones)
4. Get into the kitchen cabinets and lick all of the plates.
3. Tivo the hell out of Lassie. (wheels)
2. Engage in the never-ending struggle with his arch nemesis; Stuffed Penguin! (V's Herbie)
1. Pretend to do know..........."people style!". (wheels)

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