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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Babe Ruth Would Say Were He Alive Today

10. "Damn, I thought for sure that curse had a 100 year warranty on it." (J_dizzle, Faux Pas)
9. "They named a disease after Lou Gehrig, and a curse after me?" (Aaron Hirshberg)
8. "I won't get upset when they win their next World Series in 2090 either." (RiverCityKid)
7. "All I got was a stinkin candy bar? I want my name on a pair of shoes!" (DA maNA)
6. "She's cute, but when did women start playing the game? What? That's Johnny Damon? I'm gonna be sick!" (johnny wad)
5. "Jason Giambi makes 12 million? OK, somebody owes me a lot of money." (DA maNA)
4. "Sure Bonds can hit, but he's in shape and sober! " (lefty)
3. "Schilling, Schmilling. I had to pitch against the Yankees in knee deep snow. With no shoes on. And I mean the whole nine innings, not 4 or 5 innings like you youngsters today." (buttplug)
2. "Hi, Cutie, whatcha doin' tonight?" (pava)
1. "Damn Yankees" (CarolinaDave)

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