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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Have No Idea What You're Talking About

(submitted by cherrie)

10. If you did, then the pink puppy would have no need for the fish-scented water pistol. (GeoffLaw)
9. You started off sounding like a politician. Now you sound like a Green Party politician. (krayZpaving)
8. You sprinkle your remarks by asking, "what's the frequency, Kenneth?" (Arcola Mike)
7. You start quoting your mailman on matters of national security. (CoyoteWrestler)
6. You've used the word "iniquitous" eight times to describe the color of your pants. (Walrus)
5. "Entry number 1 will probably have something to do with gophers." (Deimodius)
4. "Yah, I saw Led Zepplin in concert once. Led was totally hot!" (Topher)
3. Your staff sent you an internet, but you didn't get it until four days later. (Ahhhhlaska)
2. You've mentioned the words "recombobulation," "nuclear core," and "lemon pie" all in the same sentence. Twice. (Krig the Viking)
1. You say "...on the other hand" so much that people begin to wonder if you're an octopus. (Pertinax)

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