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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs No One is Coming to Your Earth Day Celebration

(submitted by The Frunkus Kid)

10. Your neighbor's "How to Grow Your Own" Earth Day party looks way more popular. (ardnax)
9. The $5 dollar cover charge to "offset your carbon footprint" did not go over well. (Jam's Little Brother)
8. Your invitation ended with BYOTTH (Bring your own tree to hug). (wheels)
7. Everyone is busy gearing up for National Jelly Bean Day. (JAM)
6. It's being held on a remote island in the Indian Ocean accessible only by private jet. (AlHubb)
5. To minimise the carbon footprint, the only means you used to advertise it was "positive thinking." (Squeezette)
4. Your friends seem less than enthusiastic about your "recycled leftovers potluck" theme. (JAM)
3. Your idea to RSVP uisng smoke signals was not as clever as you originally thought. (Jam's Little Brother, wheels)
2. The highpoint of the celebration will be a big screen showing of the Al Gore's "Earth in the Balance" blooper reel. (MLehde)
1. The opening "Fight Global Warming Rally" had to be cancelled due to unseasonably low temperatures and the threat of snow. (MLehde)

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