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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Star Trek Survival Tips

(submitted by commander data)

10. If Geordie and Wesley are recalibrating the warp drive to make it more efficient- be ready for the ship to immobilised in a dangerous part of space. (sageandscholar)
9. Develop a close personal friendship with the captain or one of the primary bridge crew. Show up in as many episodes as you can. (Krig the Viking)
8. Never start a tickle fight with a Klingon. (inspector 42, Faux Pas)
7. Don't say from off screen "Hey captain I think I found something!" (Mercury)
6. Worf's forhead is not for grating cheese. (JustinA)
5. Don't piss off the giant aliens. Don't piss off the small aliens. (Dan Loves Michelle)
4. Romance with the locals always ends in disaster. (Kama)
3. Don't ever, ever, ever...enter a ship that is empty and adrift. (Hoss)
2. Assume that everything is sentient until proved otherwise. (the_table_is_evil)
1. If a rogue computer/alien intelligence has taken over the ship, don't visit the holodeck. (Viddy)

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