About Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

This page describes a bit about who we are and what the top ten list is about. In addition, there is also another page describing how we pick the top ten.

What is C&S ITTL?

When Scott and Christian decided to add content to the WWW, we were looking for something that would cause people to keep returning to our site and something that would be widely enjoyed. Ever-changing top ten lists were what jumped to our minds and thus began the Interactive Top Ten List. If you like it, please feel free to bookmark it or create a link to it. We have created the following two images for you to use as a link image.


As well, we thank Chris Mulder from Agoura, CA who has created the following image links.


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Who are we?

We (Scott & Christian) were students at Stanford University as undergraduates. During our Junior years there, we decided to add our own bit to the World Wide Web and started the Interactive Top Ten List in February of 1995. We have been roommates twice at Stanford and still keep in close touch and collaborate on the top ten list, although we no longer live in the same dorm room.

about Scott

Scott finished his Masters with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction at Stanford University in the Spring of 1998. He is now working in the Bay Area for Google.

about Christian

Christian graduated from Stanford in June 1996. He is now a professor of Computer Science at The University of California at Riverside.

History of the Top Ten List

How the Top Ten Works

(see also how the top ten are chosen)

The original format of the top ten list was that each week a new subject would be presented on the main page along with the top ten list for the subject of the previous week. As more and more submissions started to pour in for the lists each week, it became harder and harder to select only ten funny entries for the lists. Since the site is intended for top ten lists, instead of lengthening the size of the list, we decided to move to two lists a week.

Now the page displays the top ten list most recently chosen and two subjects along with the day of the week on which those lists will be displayed. Whereas the previous format dictated that the current list be updated once a week (on Sunday night/Monday morning), the list is now updated Sunday nights and Wednesday nights.

Old lists have always been saved in chronological order on the old list page. However, we also have a search engine for the old lists.

We usually generate the topics for the lists. However, we also accept suggestions from viewers for list titles. In general, we really appreciate comments or suggestions for the web site. Feel free to e-mail us at topten@csittl.com. We try hard to respond to each e-mail sent.


We don't specifically attempt to garner awards. However, we feel proud to display the following:

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